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4 Reasons You Need a Will Right Now!

Epic Will Team Jul 13, 2021

When we say get one right now, we mean - STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, and take five minutes to take care of this!

If you asked yourself right now, “Do I need a Will?” would you answer yes or no? Most Americans right now would say no because of these common misconceptions about Wills. The fact is that more than half the country doesn’t have a Will, but that’s changing and quickly! Why? Because people from ages 18 to 35 are beginning to realize that regardless of what they own or how young they are, making the important and pressing decisions now and being prepared in case something unexpected happens, is one of the most responsible things young adults can do for themselves and their loved ones.

And the fact is, it’s a lot easier to create a Will than most people think. When we think of wills we immediately think of this huge incredibly intense file that only really matters when we’re on our death bed at the age of 85 (sorry MeMaw). However, that’s not the case. Creating a Will is important now, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and we’ve made it easy enough to finish in 5 minutes. It’s easier than applying for a diverse license, or changing your last name when you get married. So why are so many people not taking advantage of their right to have a say in what happens with their life after they die? The truth? They don’t know what a Will is or the consequences of not having one.

Here are four reasons why you need to stop whatever you’re doing and get this done immediately!

1. Government Control

This isn’t some sort of conspiracy theory. If you die without a Will, every state has Intestate laws that dictate what happens with your stuff and kids if you die. Do you REALLY want the courts to make decisions for you? And if you’re incapacitated (alive, but unable to make decisions for your own good) they’ll make the call on who speaks on behalf of you. Is this the person you want speaking for you or taking care of your children?

2. Yes, you do have assets

You most likely have more than you realize. If you die and haven’t taken the (literally) five minutes to do your Will, then everything that you own—whether it has monetary or sentimental value—will go to whoever the government decides. That means your roommate’s about to be without a couch or dishes, your girlfriend will lose that cute labradoodle you bought together, or your parents are about to have access to your childhood diaries that you’ve spent years hiding from them. Take the five minutes to tell the world who you want to have what. It’s your decision, and no one else’s.

3. Be prepared

We have this preconceived thought that Wills are something someone puts together 1 hour before they die. It’s their “last” living wishes. While it is your last living wishes, it shouldn’t be something you create in your final hour. To be frank, most people don’t have that luxury of knowing when they’re going to die or having the ability to check off every last thing they needed to do before they pass. Death doesn’t care if you’re 25 and healthy, the reality is, accidents happen and sometimes we need to be prepared for the unexpected. .

4. It’s not JUST about death

Your Will isn’t just about determining what happens after you die, it’s about carrying through your decisions when you’re still alive, but unconscious or incapacitated to make decisions for yourself. Do you want to stay on life support for 2 years with a machine breathing for you in the hopes that you eventually wake up? Do you want to pass peacefully and not put any burden on your family? There’s no right answer, but regardless, no one is going to know what you wanted to do. Secondarily, they are going to have to go to court and pay a couple of thousand dollars to have someone named as your guardian (whether you want that person to or not). Instead of leaving your family in this situation when they’re already devastated about your condition, note these decisions in your Living Will/Advance Directive, and give someone the power to speak for you through your Powers of Attorney.

So ask yourself again, “Do I need a Will right now?” Yes! It’s not just for wealthy people on their deathbed, it’s for everyone at all stages of their life and for all sorts of reasons beyond just the stuff, or what happens with your kids when you die.

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