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Four Devastating Situations That Make People Wish They Had a Will

Epic Will Team Jul 13, 2021

At Epic Will, we believe Wills aren’t just about death. However, in some cases, it is about death and really devastating situations that can happen to anyone unexpectedly. We hate to be morbid, but this is just the reality, we need to prepare for the unexpected.

Let’s take a moment and paint you a picture.

Meet Jim. Jim is a healthy and active 36 year old with a wife and two children under 10. Driving home from work on a rainy day he suddenly loses control of his car, hits a tree, and dies on impact.

An incredibly difficult story to hear, but something that happens every day. He was 36! Young and healthy with no expectations of this happening. 

I know someone who that happened to and it was tragic. My friend was full of life, and on the way home from a bar when he got t-boned by a drunk driver and killed instantly. I still can’t believe he’s gone, but it made me think about my own family and what would have happened in this scenario if it were me. And I hope you do the same.

Situation 1 - Death knows no age

Your next breath is not a guarantee, no matter how healthy you are or what age you are. While this situation is unfortunate, there are two fortunate things to consider in this situation. One, the mother is still here to take care of the children. Furthermore, he died instantly, so there was no need to have a court appoint a guardian to make decisions for him. Had his wife been with him, they would have left behind two orphans, with the court to determine who takes care of them, and what happens next. 

But like millions of other millennials, he didn’t have his basic plans in place because he didn’t prepare for the unexpected.

Situation 2 - Death doesn’t know the difference between single and married

Let’s assume in this situation Jim didn’t have any kids and wasn’t married. Just because you’re single or without kids, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Your friends and family are still being affected. If you’re living with someone who shares all your belongings, or if you have a dog with your partner, for example, the state is going to decide what happens with what you own. That means your roommate is going to be left with no furniture, or your partner isn’t guaranteed to keep your dog. So even if you’ve worked hard for your life and what you own, you don’t get a say in what happens to any of it if you don’t specify in your Will.

Situation 3 - Life support

The story we led with could have gone in a number of directions. What would have happened if he didn’t die on impact and was taken to the hospital in a completely unresponsive, vegetative state? The doctors would have looked to his loved ones and asked if they knew what his wishes were. Does he want to be kept on a ventilator? Does he want artificial feeding, etc.? These are incredibly difficult, and specific, questions that your loved ones may not know. Think about it! Think about the quality of life you want and then talk with your loved ones about these situations. 

Be sure to clarify your wishes in your Will. This is the only way to guarantee your voice is being heard in a situation like this.

Situation 4 - Loving children become orphans

We touched on this briefly under the first situation. Had Jim’s wife been with him in this accident and both died, they would have left behind two orphans. Having your estate plan in place is not just about your “stuff” and whether you have money or not. If you have children, you need to have a plan in place to take care of them, or the state will ultimately determine what’s best, regardless of if you agree or not. Do you trust the state to make those decisions for you?

Think about the kind of life you want your children to have and who would be best to carry out your wishes. Make these decisions now, have these conversations with your loved ones, and provide these details in your Will today.

These are just a few situations that warrant the reality of needing a Will (heaven forbid they ever happen). Oftentimes we walk away from these situations, shaking our heads, hugging our loved ones, and saying he was “too young” or “it could have happened to anyone.” Then we continue with life, not taking the precautions necessary to protect our loved one’s futures. This is your sign! Be prepared for the unexpected and start your Will today, because accidents can happen to anyone, and you want to make sure your plans and wishes are documented and secured. It’s what’s best for you and your loved ones.

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